Self Service Laundry at Laundry Depot

Self Service LaundryAside from the usual laundry service that we offer, Laundry Depot gives you the option for self serve laundry in Birmingham, AL. We also lots of washers and dryers to make sure that there is available machines for you to get your laundry done quickly and neatly.

At Laundry Depot, we offer affordable and easy solutions to your laundry needs. Our friendly laundry staffs are always happy and ready to assist you with the laundry service.

If you prefer to take up our wash and fold service, we take full responsibility in cleaning your clothes for a fresh and clean feel every time. No matter what your laundry needs, we are the place to come take care of all the laundry you need done.

We at Laundry Depot guarantee you that your clothes are handled with care, you don’t have to worry! If you are seeking for a high quality laundromat in Birmingham, AL, just contact us at Laundry Depot today.



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