Laundromat at Laundry Depot

LaundromatImagine starting each day with a fresh, neatly pressed shirt. Our laundromat services will leave your shirts with perfect crisp creases, intact buttons and perfectly pleated cuffs that will make you look like a star. By using our full service laundry, we can make your shirts look the way you want them to look. We offer a wash and fold service so that we can take care of every step of the laundry process. Turn over your laundry duties to us as our large washer and dryer allow us to get through cleaning you laundry quicker

We guarantee a fast and efficient laundry service for those who are in a hurry. You’ll have your clothes dry and washed all at the same time with our heavy laundry machine. Oversize wash will never be a problem. If you are looking for quality Laundromats or self serve laundry in Birmingham, AL, contact Laundry Depot today!



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